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What Is The Definition Of Fullback In Football?

1. A fullback is an offensive player in football who, for most plays, lines up next to or behind the quarterback. Fullbacks must be strong blockers who are able to protect their teammates for both running plays and pass plays. Fullbacks are generally the larger and slower of the two running backs on the field (the other being the halfback) due to their primary responsibility to be to block. Although they do receive handoffs, it is rare and tend to be for short yardage situations when they need for the team is to get one or two yards for a first down. Due to their size, fullbacks are able to shed blocks over a short distance which is beneficial over shortage situations.

Examples Of How Fullback Is Used In Commentary

1. Mike Alstott was an unconventional fullback who was not only a great blocker, but also a good runner who received an above average amount of touches for a fullback.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

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