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What Is The Definition Of Gunwales In Rowing?

1. The gunwales are the sides of the rowing boat. More specifically, they are the tops of the sides of the boat. The gunwales are where the riggers are attached to the boat.

What Is The Function Of A Gunwale?

The gunwales are used to help stiffen the boat and add an extra layer of protection to the boat. The gunwales also provide a place for rowers to lift and carry the boat.

How Do Rowers Carry A Boat Using The Gunwales?

Rowers typically carry a boat upside down with the gunwales resting on the rowers’ inside shoulders. It is important that the number of rowers on each side of the boat is even and that rowers across from each other on either side of the boat be matched for height. This ensures that the weight of the boat is distributed evenly and that the boat is not tipping to either side.

Example Of How Gunwale Is Used In Commentary

1. With the gunwales of the boat resting on their shoulders, the Canadian Women’s 8 carried their boat down to the docks for the Finals at the Tokyo Olympics.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rowing

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