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Offensive Guard (OG)

guard, of*fen*sive guardWhat Is Offensive Guard In Football? Definition & Meaning

What Is The Definition Of Offensive Guard (OG) In Football?

1. An offensive guard is a position on the offensive line in football. There are two offensive guards on the line, with one guard lining up on each side of the center.  The right guard (RG) lines up to the immediate right of the center, while the left guard (LG) lines up to the immediate left of the center.

Examples Of How Offensive Guard Is Used In Commentary

1. The right guard picks up the blitzing middle linebacker and gives the quarterback just enough time to complete a pass for the first down.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

Abbreviated As:

1. OG
2. G
3. RG (right guard)4. LG (left guard)

Also Known As:

1. Guard

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