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Half-Court Defense

half court de*fense

What Is The Definition Of Half-Court Defense In Basketball?

1. A half-court defense is a term used to describe any defensive strategy that is executed when a team can get into position on defense before the offensive team has a chance to score. This general term can apply to both man-to-man and zone defense strategies (or a strategy that combines both styles, like a box-and-one defense). It also applies to half-court presses or setups for out-of-bounds plays while on defense.

One of the main advantages of a half-court defense is better preparedness for an offensive attack. However, it can leave the team feeling unprepared when the opposing team has a fast break or early offense strategy.

Examples Of How Half-Court Defense Is Used In Commentary

1. The Celtics half-court defense is incredibly versatile this year, allowing them to keep up with even the strongest offensive teams.

Sport The Term Is Used:

1. Basketball

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