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High-Toss Serve

high toss serve

What Is The Definition Of A High-Toss Serve In Table Tennis?

1. This is a type of forehand serve in table tennis where you throw the ball around 8 to 15 feet in the air and then swing powerfully to complete the hit. Because the ball has more time to drop from the air with the high-toss serve, the ball picks up more speed than it would with the short-toss serve, which will increase the overall power of your hit.

This delivery is also more distracting for your opponent because they have to focus on an increased amount of area that the ball is in the air, compared to the short-toss serve where there is less space to have to concentrate on. 

Examples Of How A High-Toss Serve Is Used In Commentary

1. Hayata threw off her opponent so badly with her last high-toss serve, that it zoomed by the defender and recorded an ace.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Table Tennis

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