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Hit By Pitch (HBP)

hit by pitch

What Is The Definition Of Hit By A Pitch In Baseball?

1. This occurs in baseball when the batter, any part of his clothing or his equipment that is not the bat gets hit by a pitch thrown by the pitcher. When the batter gets hit, they are allowed a free pass to first base.

The batter must make an honest attempt to get out of the way of a pitch or the home plate umpire may not allow them to go to first base, although this is a rare instance. When the batter gets hit by a pitch, they are then called a “hit batsman”, abbreviated at HB in the stat sheet.

Examples Of How Hit By A Pitch Is Used In Commentary

1. Although Williams gets the win on the night, his stats weren’t that impressive as he gave up 10 hits and even had two batters who were hit by a pitch.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Baseball

Abbreviated As:

1. HBP

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