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hog line

What Is The Definition Of Hog-Line?

1. The hog-line is the line that the stone must cross completely so that it is considered in play. The hog-line is located at each ends of the ice, 10 meters away from the hack.

Since there are two hog-lines on the, they each have their own rules. The “near” hog-line is the line where the thrower must release the handle of the stone in order for the stone to be considered in play. The thrower must release the stone behind the front hog-line. The second hog-line is called the “far” hog-line and that is the line that the stone must cross in order to remain in play.

Examples Of How Hog-Line Is Used In Commentary

1. Jones just barely crosses that near hog-line and is called for a hog-line violation. That stone will not count.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Curling

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