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What Is The Definition Of Hooligans In Soccer?

1. This is a term that is used to describe fanatical soccer fans who are known for their violent behavior. Soccer hooligans are passionate fans who are known for getting into fights and physically intimidating the fans of the opposing team.

Hooligans, also known as football firms, will get into physical confrontations with other hooligan gangs before, during or after a soccer game. Many times, opposing hooligan clubs or gangs will often meet away from the stadium and get into brawls in order to avoid the police and law enforcement.

Examples Of How Hooligans Is Used In Commentary

1. Over 100 hooligans between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid were detained after the two groups were involved in a major altercation outside the stadium. Cops were dressed in riot gear and had to use tear gas to help control the large crowd.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Soccer

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