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What Is The Definition Of Hot Lap In Motorsport and Car Racing?

1. A hot lap is a lap around a racetrack that is not part of a competition. Hot laps are often completed before a race, giving drivers a chance to practice handling their vehicle on the track. In many cases, drivers will attempt to achieve record lap times during hot laps. Though multiple vehicles may be on the track at the same time, passing and contact are not permitted.

The term hot-lapping is also used in ice hockey, where it refers to superstitious tradition in which players skate around the perimeter of the rink before a game for good luck.

Examples Of How Hot Lap Is Used In Commentary

1. Wallace’s hot laps at Daytona today showed a marked improvement over his previous performances, indicating that he may be a frontrunner for this year’s race.

Sports The Term Is Used:

1. Motorsports & Car Racing

Also Known As:

1. Qualifying lap
2. Test drive

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