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What Is The Definition Of The House In Curling?

1. The house is the target at the end of the ice sheet in curling. The house is made up of three rings and a center, called the button. The tee line intercepts the house at the diameter of each circle.

Each ring has a designated diameter and is referred to by the diameter. The three rings are the 12-foot ring, the 8-foot ring, and the 4-foot ring, with a 1-foot circle in the center.

Scores for each team are based on how close the stones are to the button. Additional points are scored based on how many stones are closer to the button than the opposing team. 

What Is The Middle Of The House Called?

The middle of the house is called the button. It is one foot in diameter.

Example Of How House Is Used In Commentary

1. Niklas Edin’s shot rests right on the edge of the button in the house.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Curling

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