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Illegal Use Of Hands To The Face

il*le*gal use of hands to the face

What Is The Definition Of Illegal Use Of The Hands To The Face In Football?

1. This is a penalty in football when an offensive or defensive player makes contact with the face mask of their opponent.

If an offensive player is called for an illegal use of hands to the face, their team is given a 10-yard penalty. If a defensive player is charged with this violation, then they are charged with a 5-yard penalty and the offense is given an automatic first down.

This violation was created in order to help prevent head and neck injuries to players.

Examples Of How Illegal Use Of The Hands To The Face Is Used In Commentary

1. The 40-yard pass will be brought back after the guard was called for using illegal hands to the face while in pass protection.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

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