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What Is The Definition Of Kip In Gymnastics?

1. A kip is a move used on the horizontal bar and uneven bars in gymnastics. The gymnast first grabs on to the bar and swings under it. While underneath, they bring their toes up to bar height before swinging back to gain momentum. The gymnast then hoists their torso up so the bar is at waist level. Throughout this movement, the gymnast’s arms and legs remain straight.

How Is A Kip Used In Gymnastics?

Typically, gymnasts employ a kip to mount the bars smoothly. They may also use a kip as a connecting element in their routine that helps them to transition between bars or prepare to perform a specific skill.

What Is A Glide Kip?

There are a few types of kips used in gymnastics. The most common is the glide kip, which involves swinging under the bar in a smooth, gliding motion before hoisting the torso up above the bar. Glide kips are usually used on the low bar.

What Is A Long Hang Kip?

Another type of kip is the long hang kip, which involves a longer swinging motion in a fully extended position before the feet are brought up to the bar. Long hang kips are most frequently used on the high bar.

What Is A Glide Kip With Stoop Through?

This kip move involves a slight variation. Instead of bringing the feet up in front of the bar, the gymnast brings their feet behind it between their body and the bar. As they hoist their body up above the bar, the legs move over the top of bar so that the gymnast is momentarily in a sitting position. A glide kip with stoop through is most commonly used as a way for a gymnast on the uneven bars to transition to the high bar.

Example Of How Kip Is Used In Commentary

1. Suni Lee confidently uses a classic glide kip to mount the uneven bars to begin her routine.

Sport The Term Is Used In

1. Gymnastics

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