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What Is The Definition Of Knock-On In Rugby?

1. A knock-on is when a player intentionally or unintentionally hits the ball forward with their hand or arm. The key factor is that the ball is moving forward or toward the opponent’s goal.

What Are Some Examples Of Knock-Ons?

Some unintentional examples of a knock-on include:

An intentional example of a knock-on would be a player throwing the ball forward.

What Doesn’t Count As A Knock-On?

If one of the following things occur, it is not counted as a knock-on:

What Happens After A Knock-On Occurs?

When an unintentional knock-on occurs, a referee will call it and stop play. The opposing team of the player who knocked on is then awarded a scrum. If the knock-on is deemed intentional, then a penalty is awarded to the other team.

Example Of How Knock-On Is Used In Commentary

1. Even though Jalibert scored, it was ruled out because his possession of the ball came from a knock-on.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rugby

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