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Layout Position

lay*out po*si*tion

What Is The Definition Of Layout Position In Gymnastics?

1. The layout position is used to describe skills in which the gymnast has their body extended in a straight line rather than tucking in their legs. It is often used in twists and in certain types of saltos.

One example of a layout skill is the full-twisting layout (often simply referred to as a “full” in gymnastics) involves keeping the body fully extended during a flip while also completing one 360-degree rotation. Another example is the double layout, which refers to two full flips in the air without tucking in the legs.

How Do You Do A Layout?

A layout is a skill in which the body remains in a straight shape while completing a flip. Gymnasts try to maintain a hollow body position, meaning that their legs and arms are curved slightly inward toward their core. This prevents the back from arching, which can create a loss of control during the flip. In addition, gymnasts need to create momentum leading up to a layout in order to push off hard and reach a sufficient height to complete the flip with their body extended.

Example Of How Layout Position Is Used In Commentary

1. Chinese gymnast Li Shijia perfectly executed a double layout on her dismount from the uneven bars.

Sport The Term Is Used In

1. Gymnastics

Also Known As

1. Stretched position

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