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Leadoff Hitter

lead*off hitter

What Is The Definition Of Leadoff Hitter In Baseball?

1. This mainly refers to the first batter in the batting order or lineup. The leadoff hitter tends to be the player who has the best on-base percentage and is the best baserunner on their team. A batter can also be referred to as the leadoff hitter when the batter is the first player to come to bat in an inning.

What Is A Leadoff Double?

A leadoff double occurs when the first batter, or leadoff batter, of the inning hits a double to start things off. By hitting a leadoff double, this greatly increases the chances of the team scoring in the inning. For example, the runner on second could most likely score on a base hit single. Another strategy would be to sacrifice the baserunner over to third base, giving the team only one out. Then the baserunner could most likely score on a ground ball to the opposite side of the field, on a sacrifice fly, or even on a squeeze play.

Examples Of How Leadoff Hitter Is Used In Commentary

1. Leading off for the Phillies and playing shortstop tonight is Jimmy Rollins. This will be the 60th straight game that Rollins will be the leadoff hitter to start the game.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

Also Know As:

1. Leadoff
2. Leading off
3. Leadoff batter

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