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Neutral Zone

neu*tral zone

What Is The Definition Of Neutral Zone?

What Is The Neutral Zone In Football?

1. This is the area that is described between the offensive side and the defensive side of a football when it’s been placed on the field, or in other words, the length of the football. Neither team is allowed to be in the neutral zone before the ball is snapped, except for the center who is holding the ball. This imaginary area is not just between the offensive and defensive lines, rather it runs from sideline to sideline.

What Is The Neutral Zone Ice Hockey?

1. This is the area in the center of the ice rink that is between the two bluelines.

Examples Of How Neutral Zone Is Used In Commentary

1. The defensive tackles jumps into the neutral zone, but is able to jump back onside before the ball is snapped.

2. The puck sails over the glass and the two teams will now go to the neutral zone for a face-off.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football
2. Hockey

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