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Non-Contact Injury

non con*tact in*jur*y

What Is The Definition Of A Non-Contact Injury In Football?

1. This is term used for when a player sustains an injury, but it is not as a result of being hit by an opponent, teammate or object on the field. When a player sustains a non-contact injury, they tend to be running or standing by themselves and then they will fall to the ground due to an injury to their body, usually their lower body.

Some common non-contact injuries are ACL tears, MCL tears and pulled muscles, such as the hamstring.

Example Of How Non-Contact Injury Is Used In Commentary

1. Jones was running towards the sidelines to get out of bounds, but falls to the ground before reaching the sidelines. With no players within yards of him, he appears to have suffered a non-contact injury, leaving his teammates in fear of the worst.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

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