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Nose Tackle (NT)

nose tack*le

What Is The Definition Of Nose Tackle In Football?

1. A nose tackle is a defensive player in football who is positioned at the center of the defensive line and takes on the opposing team’s center and/or guards. 

A nose tackle is also part of the defensive line and defensive tackle groups and is usually one of the larger and stronger players on the team, commonly weighing between 320 and 350 pounds. 

Due to their massive size, the nose tackle’s responsibility is to clog up the middle and hold the point of attack. Depending on the defensive scheme, they could also be asked to pressure the quarterback. Nose tackles are a vital part of the 3-4 defense.

Why Do They Call It A Nose Tackle?

The name “nose tackle” comes from their central alignment on the field. At the start of the play, they are positioned directly over the “nose” of the football.

What’s The Difference Between Nose Tackle And Nose Guard?

A nose tackle is similar to a nose guard. The major difference between the two positions is the type of defensive formation employed. 

In a 3-4 defense, the middle defensive tackle is called a nose tackle. In a five-man line, the middle tackle lined up over center is referred to as the nose guard. 

Often, the nose tackle tries to force a double team from the line to free up a linebacker. The nose guard, however, focuses on isolating the center.

What Technique Is A Nose Tackle?

The use of a nose tackle indicates that the defensive line is taking a 0-technique. This technique looks like a defensive tackle lining up over center, in the 0 position. 

Most times, this player will be a nose tackle. But in some cases, a defensive tackle will line up in the 0 position. However, nose tackles always line up over 0.

Is A Nose Tackle On Offense Or Defense?

A nose tackle is a position used by the defense. The nose tackle lines up directly opposite the offense’s center.

Examples Of How Nose Tackle Is Used In Commentary

1. The nose tackle Wilfork has been an anchor in the middle all day, pushing back on the offensive line and not giving an inch to the running attack.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Known As:

1. Middle Guard
2. Nose Guard

Abbreviated As:

1. NT

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