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12-6 Curveball

12 6 curve*ball

What Is The Definition Of A 12-6 Curveball In Baseball?

1. This type of pitch features a clockwise rotation that causes it to move downward as it approaches home plate (effectively moving it from “12 to 6” on a clock face). It is widely considered to be the most difficult curveball to hit since it has a sharp downward trajectory and slowed speed after the break.

The pitch’s nickname, “the yellow hammer,” stems from the yellowhammer bird, which dives down quickly to catch its prey.

Examples Of How 12-6 Curveball Is Used In Commentary

1. Kershaw buckles the knees of the hitter with that 12-6 curveball and gets him looking for strike three.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball

Also Known As:

1. The Yellow Hammer
2. Hammer

Also Seen As:

1. Twelve-Six Curveball

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