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Octuple Scull

oc*tu*ple scull

What Is The Definition Of Octuple Scull In Rowing?

1. An octuple scull is a type of sculling boat in which there are eight rowers total in the boat in addition to a coxswain.

How Long Is An Octuple Scull?

An octuple scull is typically 65.2 feet long. This is slightly longer than a typical eight-person sweep rowing boat.

How Much Does An Octuple Scull Typically Weigh?

An octuple scull typically weighs 211.2 pounds. If an octuple scull does not meet that minimum weight, then dead weight (such as a sandbag) must be added to the boat. Failure to meet the minimum weight requirement can result in exclusion from the event.

Where Are Octuple Sculls Usually Raced?

Octuple sculls are not commonly seen in competitive races. When they are featured in races, they are typically used by junior rowers or beginners.

One possible reason for this is that an octuple scull allows new rowers to learn sculling technique early on without being in a smaller boat that is easier to tip. Eventually, a beginner rower can work their way down to a single scull, which will allow them to get the best feel of the boat, the water, and the oars and how they all work together.

Example Of How Octuple Scull Is Used In Commentary

1. As beginner rowers, the novices at the Pocock Rowing Center went out in an octuple scull for their first time on the water.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rowing

Abbreviated As:

1. 8x

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