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What Is The Definition Of Onodi In Gymnastics?

1. An Onodi is a back-to-front handspring skill in gymnastics. It is most commonly used on the balance beam and the floor exercise.

The skill starts like a back handspring with the gymnast jumping backward. During the move, the gymnast quickly completes a half twist to turn their body into a front handspring. This results in the gymnast facing the opposite direction at the end of the skill.

Who Is the Onodi In Gymnastics Named For?

This skill named after Henrietta Ónodi, a Hungarian gymnast who brought the move to worldwide attention when she performed it in 1989 at the European Championships.

Ónodi would later go on to complete in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, where she won the gold medal for vault and silver for floor exercise.

Was Ónodi The First To Perform The Skill?

Ónodi wasn’t actually the originator of this skill. At the 1983 World Championships in Budapest, Soviet gymnast Olga Mostepanova was the first gymnast to ever perform this type of handspring in an international competition.

However, Ónodi was the first to submit it for inclusion in the FIG’s Code of Points, which is why her name is associated with the skill to this day.

What Difficulty Level Is An Onodi?

The Onodi is rated as a D on balance beam and an A on floor.

Example Of How Onodi Is Used In Commentary

1.  Nastia Liukin effortlesssly incorporates a graceful Onodi into the beginning of her balance beam routine.

Sport The Term Is Used In

1. Gymnastics

Also Known As

1. Arabian front handspring

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