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Onside Kick

on*side kick

What Is The Definition Of Onside Kick In Football?

1. An onside kick is a deliberate and intentional attempt at kicking the ball short during a kickoff, with the hopes that the kicking team will recover the ball before the receiving team gains possession.

In order for an onside kick to be legal, the kicking team must kick that ball at least 10-yards before touching the football, unless the receiving team touches the ball first. For example, if the ball travels six yards and the receiving team touches the ball, the kicking team is now eligible to regain possession.

An onside kick is usually chipped or bounced on the ground, rather than kicked in the air where then the receiving team has a chance to call a fair catch.

Onside kicks tend to occur later in the game when a team is trailing, with the hopes they can regain possession and score quickly.

Examples Of How Onside Kick Is Used In Commentary

1. Trailing by four with under a minute to play, the Giants have no choice but to onside kick it and hopes the ball bounces in their favor.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

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