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Open Break

o*pen break

What Is The Definition Of Open Break In Billiards?

1. The open break in billiards is when a player hits the group of balls that is racked together at the far end of the table in order to start the beginning of a game. Rules may vary on what is considered a legal break and what is not, depending on the type of billiards game you’re playing. For instance, in one scenario, a break may only be considered legal when the player hits the ball from behind the head string, and at least four different balls hit the rails if no ball is pocketed. If a ball is pocketed in this scenario, then the minimum number of balls to hit the rails become obsolete.

Example Of How Open Break Is Used In Commentary

1. Reyes takes the ball in-hand and analyzes his placement before the open break.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Billiards

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