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Pace Factor

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What Is The Definition Of Pace Factor In Basketball?

1. Pace factor is a statistic used to measure the average number of possessions a team has in a game. Several other statistics from the game are used to calculate the pace factor, including the number possessions by each team, the total team minutes played, and the length of the game in minutes. With the resulting number, it’s possible to estimate how many possessions a team will have in a game.

Different styles of play are closely linked with the pace factor statistic. If a team has a low pace factor (fewer possessions), they have fewer opportunities to score. If a team has a high pace factor (more possessions), they are more likely to have a higher-scoring game.

Examples Of How Pace Factor Is Used In Commentary

1. Nebraska is playing at an incredibly slow pace so far this year, which is sure to have a negative impact on their pace factor.

Sport The Term Is Used:

1. Basketball

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