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Peel Back Block

peel back block

What Is The Definition Of Peel Back Block In Football?

1. This type a type of block  in football that occurs when a defensive player is blocked while running towards his own end zone, whether it’s hitting them from their side or from behind. The blindside positioning results in the defensive player rarely being able to see this type of block coming, therefore the risk of injury is high.

The peel back block below the waist, inside the box, is illegal and has been banned from the NFL since 2013. The peel back block below the waste and outside the box has been banned since 2005. The penalty for an illegal block is 15-yards.

Examples Of How Peel Back Block Is Used In Commentary

1. Jennings hits the defender below the knees on that peel-back block and Smith is down. He looks to be in obvious pain.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Peel Back Block

When a player decides they are going to do a peel back block, they must be very careful to do it within the rules and to not injure their opponent.

According to NFL rules, a player cannot initiate contact on the side or below the waist of their opponent if:

  1. The blocker is moving towards their own end line; and
  2. He approaches their opponent from the side or behind

However, if the near shoulder of the blocker makes contact with the front of their opponent’s body, the block is considered legal.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

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