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Penalty Corner

pe*nal*ty cor*ner

What Is The Definition Of Penalty Corner In Field Hockey?

1. A penalty corner, also called a short corner, occurs when a player on the defending team unintentionally fouls an attacking player or a defending player hits the ball out of bounds over the goal line intentionally. 

What Happens In A Penalty Corner?

In the setup for a penalty corner, five defenders (including the goalkeeper) start in their own goal. The rest of the defending team starts across the centerline. The attacking team must start from outside the shooting circle. Once the ball is in play, the players may move. 

The ball is placed on the end line at least 10 yards away from the nearest goalpost to where the foul or bounds error occurred. One attacking team member is responsible for putting the ball in play. To do so, the athlete must have one foot out of bounds and will most likely push the ball into play to the top of the circle where a member of the team will control the ball for another to either pass or take a shot on goal. 

If a player hits the ball toward goal, it must be below 18 inches to avoid dangerous play. If the player flicks the ball towards the goal, it can be at any height.

What Is The Difference Between A Short Corner And A Long Corner?

Both a short and a long corner deal with playing the ball in bounds after it crosses over the end line.

A long corner occurs when an unintentional act by a defending player or either an intentional or unintentional act by a goalie hits the ball out of bounds over the end line. The ball is placed on the 25-yard line closest to where the ball rolled out of bounds. 

A short corner, or a penalty corner, occurs when a defending player intentionally hits the ball out of bounds across the end line. Because of the intentionality of the act, the official awards a better attacking opportunity to the attacking team.

What Is The Difference Between A Penalty Corner And A Penalty Stroke?

A penalty corner is awarded when a defensive player commits an unintentional foul on an attacking player within their circle. The awarded attack starts along the end line and involves multiple attacking and defensive players.

A penalty stroke occurs when an intentional foul occurs against an attacking player making a play on the ball within the circle. The awarded attack is a free shot on goal against the goalie.

Example Of How Penalty Corner Is Used In Commentary

1. UNC will have an attempt at goal here with the short corner; let’s see if they can convert.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Field Hockey

Also Known As: 

1. Short Corner

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