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Penalty Stroke

pe*nal*ty stroke

What Is The Definition Of Penalty Stroke In Field Hockey?

1. A penalty stroke is an award for the most severe impediments to scoring. This occurs when a defender intentionally fouls a player on the opposing team in their defensive circle when the opposing player has the ball or has an opportunity to make a play on the ball.

The official then gives the fouled player an opportunity to score via a one-on-one shot with the goalkeeper. 

How Does A Penalty Stroke Work?

In a penalty stroke, the fouled player shoots from the penalty marker, which is 7 yards from the goal. All other players must be behind the 25-yard line.

Similar to a penalty kick in soccer, the shot occurs after the referee’s whistle. The goalkeeper must stand on the goal line until the ball is played.

Upon the whistle, the attacking player flicks or pushes the ball for a shot on goal while the goalkeeper attempts to make a save.

Example Of How Penalty Stroke Is Used In Commentary

1. Luciana Aymar steps up to take the penalty stroke after that gruesome foul inside the circle.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Field Hockey

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