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Penhold Grip

pen*hold grip

What Is The Definition Of A Penhold Grip In Table Tennis?

1. This is one of the more popular grips in table tennis, where the blade is towards the table and your fingers on the racket are in the same position as when you hold a pen. (Thumb and index finger in front and the other three fingers in the back) It is the most common way that players in Asia hold the racket and works well for players who play better closer to the table, and prefer to block with their backhand. 

You can also create a lot of spin with this grip because it allows your wrist to be able to bend more easily. This hold also makes it very easy to adjust from your forehand to your backhand.

Examples Of How A Penhold Grip Is Used In Commentary

1. Ting, one of the top rated players from Hong Kong, uses the penhold grip to put a focus on playing closer to the table, while his opponent Timo from Germany, uses the shakehand grip.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Table Tennis

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