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Pepper Pot

pep*per pot

What Is The Definition Of Pepper Pot In Ice Hockey?

1. Pepper pot is a term in ice hockey that refers to a player with speed and quickness. A pepper pot has the ability to play rough and throw hits at opponents when necessary. 

The term pepper pot is seldom used. 

What Hockey Position Do Pepper Pots Play?

Typically, pepper pots are found in the winger position. Left and right wings must be fast on the ice and have strong defensive skills.

Example Of How Pepper Pot Is Used In Commentary

1. Although he was only 5’6”, Theo Fleury of the Calgary Flames was known for his tenacity and pesky play on the ice. The pepper pot used his great speed and skill to lead the Flames in scoring for six seasons during his career. 

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Ice Hockey

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