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Personal Foul

per*son*al foul

What Is The Definition Of Personal Foul In Basketball?

1. A personal foul is assessed whenever illegal physical contact takes place during a game. This may include charging, blocking, pushing, or holding. Defenders may get a personal foul when they engage in illegal physical contact while trying to prevent an opponent from scoring. For players on offense, using an illegal screen to block the path of a defender is considered a personal foul.

When a player is fouled while trying to shoot, a penalty is given. They get two free throws if the shot does not go in or one free throw if the shot goes in. When an offensive player commits a personal foul, the defensive team is awarded possession of the ball through an inbound pass. A player can “foul out” and be disqualified for the rest of the game if they commit five or more personal fouls in a single game.

Examples Of How Personal Foul Is Used In Commentary

1. Marquette racked up a total of 18 personal fouls, resulting in an excessive number of free throws and ultimately costing them the game.

Sport The Term Is Used:

1. Basketball

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