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What Is The Definition Of Pick’em In Sports Betting?

1. A pick’em, also known as a “pick” or abbreviated “PK,” occurs when the odds for the game are even. Therefore, the point spread is zero and the even moneyline is the main bet available.

What Is A Pick’em Spread?

A pick’em spread is zero. Because the odds of winning are virtually identical, neither team is favored by any amount. Therefore, the spread is zero.

How Do You Play Pick’em?

To play pick’em, the bettor just picks one team or the other to win. The juice still exists in order to place the bet, so the odds for either team may be (-110). 

For example, if the Green Bay Packers are considered closely matched with the Kansas City Chiefs, the moneyline may appear like this:

Sometimes, one team might be favored slightly over another. Still, the spread won’t exist because the game is projected to be so close.

Is A Tie Considered A Win?

No, a tie is not considered a win. The goal of a pick’em moneyline is to pick the winner, so if there is no winner, the bet results in a push.

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