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What Is The Definition Of Pickoff In Baseball?

1. A pickoff is a term used in baseball that describes a pitcher’s or catcher’s attempt to throw out a runner on base who is either leading off on a base, or is about to attempt a steal.

A pickoff attempt is the actual throw that the pitcher or catcher makes in an attempt to throw the runner out on base. Most pickoff attempts are done by pitchers, but catchers will also attempt to throw the runner out after they have received the pitch if they feel the runner has gotten too big of a secondary lead off the base.

A pickoff move is the motion the pitcher makes during his pickoff attempt. Some pitchers have very deceptive pickoff moves that look very similar to their delivery to home plate. Because of this, they have a higher chance of success at picking off a baserunner. Left handed pitchers tend to have a slight advantage over a right handed pitcher at picking a running off a first base because their body is already facing the bag and it takes less time to deliver the ball.

Examples Of How Pickoff Is Used In Commentary

1. Mulholland catches the runner sleeping and zips a throw over to first a pickoff.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball

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