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Pistol Offense

pis*tol of*fense

What Is The Definition Of Pistol Offense In Football?

1. This offensive formation in football involves the center, quarterback and running back lined up directly behind one another with only a few yards in between. This places the quarterback closer to the line of scrimmage compared to the shotgun formation, and allows the offense to potentially use a number of option plays. The pistol formation is a relatively new strategy that is considered to be very versatile as long as the quarterback is skilled in both running and pass plays.

The pistol formation gives the quarterback a slight advantage, as he’s close enough to the line to read the defense, but also far enough back in the backfield that it gives him more time to read the field and avoid the rush.

Examples Of How Pistol Offense Is Used In Commentary

1. With it being 3rd and long, McNabb lines up in the pistol where he is joined by Westbrook in the backfield.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Known As:

1. Pistol Formation

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