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pit lane

What Is The Definition Of Pit Lane In Motorsport and Car Racing?

1. A pit lane is a separate path on a racetrack where drivers can pause during a race. Pit crews are positioned along the lane to quickly refuel, change tires, and complete other mechanical adjustments during the stop. This lane is typically situated on the inside of the track parallel to the straightaway with the start/finish line. There is an entrance at one end and an exit at the other, both of which connect directly to the main track circuit.

Drivers must be strategic about when they enter the pit lane. Going too long between stops can cause excess wear on the tires, for example, but too frequent stops can cause drivers to fall behind in the race. Pit crews are trained to complete pit stops as quickly as possible to minimize time off the track.

Examples Of How Pit Lane Is Used In Commentary

1. These crews are trained to prevent delays on the pit lane, often completing tire changes in just a few seconds.

Sports The Term Is Used:

1. Motorsport and Car Racing

Also Known As:

1. Pit road

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