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Pivot Foot

pi*vot foot

What Is The Definition Of Pivot Foot In Basketball?

1. The pivot foot is the foot that remains planted on the floor until the player is ready to pass, shoot or dribble the ball if they have not yet dribbled while holding the ball.

If a player picks up their pivot foot after they have already dribbled and does not attempt to pass or shoot, that player will be called for traveling. A player can step in any direction with their non-pivot foot and not be called for traveling, as long as their pivot foot remains in contact with the court the entire time and does not move laterally.

Examples Of How Pivot Foot Is Used In Commentary

1. Paul picks up his dribble at half-court and immediately gets double-teamed. He tries to spin around to pass, but drags his pivot foot and gets called for traveling.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

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