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Plate Appearance (PA)

plate ap*pear*ance

What Is The Definition Of Plate Appearance In Baseball?

1. Any time that a batter comes to the plate for an at-bat, it is considered a plate appearance. It is also considered a plate appearance if a batter has an “unofficial at-bat”, or in other words, they’re not charged an at-bat. For example, if a batter is issued a walk or hits a sacrifice, that is still considered a plate appearance.

However, if a batter is at the plate when a baserunner is caught stealing or picked-off, then the batter will not be charged with a plate appearance. This is because that batter will then leadoff the next inning, when they will then be given a plate appearance.

Examples Of How Plate Appearance Is Used In Commentary

1. It’s been a quiet day at the plate today for Snow, as he’s had three plate appearances, going 0-1 with three walks.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

Abbreviate As:

1. PA

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