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What Is The Definition Of Platoon In Baseball?

1. This refers to when a player on a team rotates with one or more players at the same defensive position on the field. Usually two players platoon one position, with one player being a right-handed hitter and the other being a left-handed hitter. The reason the two players who platoon are those who hit on different sides of the plate is to help gain an advantage when hitting. A right-handed hitter tends to hit better than their counterparts against left-handed pitchers, while left-handed hitters tend to hit better than their counterparts against right-handed pitchers.

Examples Of How Platoon Is Used In Commentary

1. Kendrick and Utley have been platooning all year at second base. Tonight, Utley will make the start with the right handed pitcher on the mound.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Platoon

The platoon strategy is often utilized by teams if there is a position that does not have a clear winner. If a team feels that they have a better chance winning by splitting playing time among two winners, then they will do so. The most common strategy teams use in platooning is through the “lefty-righty” strategy, but also through percentages. For example, regardless of what side of the plate that a batter hits, if a player has a good history against a pitcher, they will get the start. So if a player has a great percentage against a particular right-handed pitcher and they bat right-handed, they may get the start. Other strategies may involve who is the better defensive player. If a team can afford to have a weak spot in the lineup, then they may favor the player who is playing better defense at the time.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Baseball

Also Known As:

1. Platooning

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