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What Is The Definition Of Playbook In Football?

1. A playbook is a collection of a football team’s plays and strategies, all compiled and organized into one book or binder. A team’s playbook may be separated into sections for offensive plays, defensive plays and specials teams, or they may have separate playbooks for each discipline. A team’s playbook is strictly confidential and is only shared by those within the team. When a new player joins they team, they are given a copy of the playbook, however, when they depart they are asked to return the playbook.

One of the player’s main responsibilities on the team is to memorize all the plays and strategies within the team’s playbook.

Example Of How Playbook Is Used In Commentary

1. Gordon joins the Patriots midway through the week, but will have to really focus and study hard in order to get up to speed with the team’s playbook before their game on Sunday.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

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