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Pole Vault

pole vault

What Is The Definition Of Pole Vault In Track & Field?

1. The pole vault is one of the two vertical jumps in track and field. Similar to the high jump, athletes must convert a fast sprint into a vertical clearance over a horizontal bar.

In pole vaulting, that vertical leap is aided by a pliable, long pole. 

The athlete holds the pole horizontally while sprinting an approach run down the runway. The vaulter then forces the pole end into a stop board below the crossbar and uses the momentum from the sprint to “carry” over the bar, pushing the pole away from the bar, while falling backward onto a cushioned mat.

The crossbar rests between two uprights upon prongs. It can easily be moved backward and fall with the slightest nudge. 

Competitors pass the height if the crossbar does not fall upon completion of the vault. The crossbar may be touched by the vaulter, but unless it falls, the vault is a success. 

During the competition, pole vaulters dictate at which height they will start. They have three opportunities to clear that height. If they clear it, the crossbar is moved higher and the athlete has three more chances to make it. 

The winner is the athlete who clears the highest mark.

How Long Is A Vaulting Pole?

Olympic-sized poles usually measure around 17 feet long and can weigh 20-40 pounds.

The pole, often made from fiberglass or carbon fiber, corresponds to the weight and ability level of the vaulter. As the athlete becomes more experienced, the pole can become more pliable and closer to the vaulter’s weight. 

What Happens If A Pole Vault Breaks?

In the odd chance that a pole breaks, the try is considered a “non-jump” meaning it is not considered a failure or work against the three miss rule.

However, once the vaulter accumulates three consecutive misses, they are then removed from the competition. 

Example Of How Pole Vault Is Used In Commentary

1. American Katie Nageotte secured gold with a 4.90M clearance on her second attempt during the pole vault final.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Track & Field

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