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Pommel Horse

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What Is The Definition Of Pommel Horse In Gymnastics?

1. Pommel horse is one of the events in men’s gymnastics competitions. The event takes place on an apparatus that measures about 3.8 feet high, 5.2 feet long and 14 inches wide, and features two upright handles on the top.

After mounting the pommel horse, the gymnast begins rotating their body around it without stopping, using one or both legs at a time. They can place their hands on the top or hold on to the handles during these movements. Certain elements, such as handstands and turns, can increase the difficulty of the routine for higher scoring possibilities.

2. The apparatus used in this event is called a pommel horse. It is also sometimes called a side horse, with the handles on top referred to as “pommels.”

Do Female Gymnasts Do Pommel Horse?

Pommel horse is not included among women’s gymnastics events. This upper body strength required for this event is generally better suited to male gymnasts, whereas most women’s events demand more strength in the lower body. Overall, men’s events are largely displays of strength, while women’s events have a stronger focus on tumbling and artistry.

History of the Pommel Horse

The pommel horse was first created by ancient Romans to help train their military. Soldiers would use the horse-like form to practice mounting and dismounting. In the 17th century, it was adapted for use by knights in practicing for battles and competitions.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that the pommel horse became a common men’s gymnastics apparatus. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, the founder of the German gymnastics movement, was key to the revival of this gymnastics event.

Example Of How Pommel Horse Is Used In Commentary

1. One of the leading pommel horse competitors is Alec Yoder, who has been a standout in the event throughout his college career at Ohio State.

2. Kazuma Kaya seems confident as he prepares to mount the pommel horse for the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship.

Sport The Term Is Used In

1. Gymnastics

Also Known As

1. Side horse

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