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Power Dribble

pow*er drib*ble

What Is The Definition Of Power Dribble In Basketball?

1. A power dribble is an exception to the illegal dribble rule. Players may only use this play once after receiving a pass in the lane. The player slams the ball down with both hands before reclaiming it. 

A power dribble helps the player (typically a center or power forward) set a secure stance and push back defending players. It is an exception to the illegal dribble rule because touching the ball with both hands after it bounces ends the dribble. 

Example Of How Power Dribble Is Used In Commentary

1. Ben Simmons drives towards the basket and sees Joel Embiid baseline and passes him the ball. Embiid takes one power dribble to gather himself before throwing down a vicious dunk.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

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