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Princeton Offense

prince*ton of*fense

What Is The Definition Of Princeton Offense In Basketball?

1. The Princeton offense is a basketball strategy that emphasizes constant motion and counter actions when reading the defense. This type of offense relies on backdoor cuts, pick and rolls, good passing and great teamwork. Unlike most offenses that have set-plays, the Princeton offense’s constant motion helps to keep the offense dynamic and changing.

Why Is It Called The Princeton Offense?

This type of offensive strategy gets it’s name from head coach Peter Carril’s Princeton teams, from 1967-1996. Carril’s teams were known to be high-scoring and led the nation in scoring many times during his tenure. However, this type of offense can also be traced by further at Princeton when Franklin Cappon was the head coach in the 1930s. Despite Cappon’s early adoption, it was Carril’s teams who mastered this offense.

Example Of How Princeton Offense Is Used In Commentary

1. The Hoyas have been putting up numbers in buckets this year, as they’ve really gotten a hang of this Princeton offense.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

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