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What Is The Definition Of Pro Set In Tennis?

1. A pro set is a type of set in tennis in which for the set to be won, a player must win eight games. That player must win by a margin of two games.

How Is A Pro Set Different From A Typical Set?

In a typical advantage set, a player needs to win six games to win a set. In a pro set, the number of games a player needs to win a set is increased to eight.

Both types of sets require the player to win by a margin of two games.

What Are The Advantages To A Pro Set?

A pro set usually shortens the amount of time of total game play. In a typical tennis match, players play anywhere from three to five sets and whoever wins the most sets wins the match. A match that is best of three and playing advantage sets will play a minimum of 12 games. A pro set match will play a minimum of eight.

Where Are Pro Sets Typically Used?

A pro set is typically used for youth athletes. At the high school level, pro sets are typically used at the freshman and JV level.

Tennis matches in a typical format can last long hours. For athletes who have limited time to play (after school for example), the pro set helps to speed things up.

Example Of How Pro Set Is Used In Commentary

1. The Arizona Interscholastic Association uses an eight game pro set format for their freshman and JV singles and doubles matches.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Tennis

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