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Pump Fake

pump fake

What Is The Definition Of Pump Fake In Basketball?

1. This is another name to describe a shot fake in basketball. The ball handler will raise the ball quickly to appear as if they’re about to attempt a field goal, only to bring the ball back down and not attempt a shot. The ball handler will do this in hopes that it will fake out the defender, giving the ball handler either the option to attempt an open shot attempt, drive to the hole or pass the ball.

The main objective is to get the defender to leave their feet, or jump in an attempt to block their shot. If the defender does leave their feet, the shooter now has an option to shoot the ball, with the hopes of also drawing a shooting foul.

Example Of How Pump Fake Is Used In Commentary

1. Jordan’s pump fake sends the defender flying into him, but not before he’s able to get off the shot and drain it for a chance at a three-point play.

Also Known As:

1. Shot Fake

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

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