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What Is The Definition Of Push-to-Pass In Motorsport and Car Racing?

1. Push-to-pass is a race car feature that allows drivers to boost their vehicle’s engine power for a short burst, leading to a temporary speed increase. Usually located on the steering wheel, the push-to-pass button assists in overtaking another vehicle on the track. It can also be used to maintain a leading position in front of another vehicle.

Drivers must adhere to specific guidelines when implementing this mechanism. Racing series which have approved the use of push-to-pass systems include the IndyCar Series, Indy Light, the A1 Grand Prix (A1GP) Series, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), and former Champ Car series.

Examples Of How Push-to-Pass Is Used In Commentary

1. With other drivers nipping at his heels, Andretti has decided to hit his push-to-pass in order to keep his frontrunner position in the last lap.

Sports The Term Is Used:

1. Motorsports & Car Racing

Also Known As:

1. P2P
2. Overtake button (IndyCar Series)
3. PowerBoost (A1GP Series)

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