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pushWhat Is A Push In Field Hockey? Definition & Meaning On SportsLingo

What Is The Definition Of A Push In Field Hockey?

1. A push is a form of passing in field hockey. It is the most basic form of a pass players can use as it specializes in precision over short distances.

How Do You Complete A Push Pass?

Push passing uses a similar full-body technique to a drag flick but is much less intense and powerful, with a focus on precision. A push pass starts with the ball in front of the body but closer to the back foot, similar to the drag flick. 

The body is perpendicular to the desired direction. The athlete makes contact with the ball with the stick parallel to the desired direction. Then, the athlete pushes the ball along the ground while stepping through the pass, first with the front foot and the back foot following in a drag motion. 

After the push, the ball continues to roll in the desired direction. The athlete’s hips should automatically turn toward the ball’s direction during the follow through, so that the athlete is now facing the ball.

Example Of How Push Is Used In Commentary

1. Beth Yeager completes a beautiful push to her teammate on the end line.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Field Hockey

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