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Putback Dunk

put*back dunk

What Is The Definition Of Putback Dunk In Basketball?

1. A putback dunk occurs when a shot is missed and an offensive player rebounds the ball and immediately dunks the ball, all in the same motion. This move crowd-pleasing move is similar to a tip-in, where players tap the ball in to score on a rebound.

A putback is also known as a putback jam because of the action of slamming the ball in the net. Dwight Howard is known for scoring with putback dunks throughout his All-Star career.

Examples Of How Putback Dunk Is Used In Commentary

1. Caruso parachutes in and puts it away with a putback dunk. You cannot stop him; you can only hope to contain him!

Sport The Term Used In

1. Basketball

Also Known As:

1. Putback

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