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What Is The Definition Of Quick Set In Volleyball?

1. A quick set is a precise and fast set that occurs in volleyball. This type of set is usually put just above the net (about two inches), with the hitter either fastly approaching or already in mid-air when the set is executed. Quick sets require great accuracy and timing between the setter and the hitter.

How Do You Do Quick Sets?

The main difference between a regular set and a quick set is the follow-through. Instead of the setter extending their arms and wrists, they will use small wrist movements for more control over the ball in a quick set.

What Are The Variations Of Quick Sets?

The two main variations of the quick set are the quick one and the back one. A quick one is set immediately in front of the setter. Meanwhile, a back one is set immediately behind the setter. 

What Are The Three Types Of Sets In Volleyball?

The main types of volleyball sets are slow sets, second tempo sets, and quick sets. However, each category of sets will have some variations. 

How Do You Hit A Quick Set?

A hitter approaching a quick set will begin an arm’s length away from the net and give the setter space. Then, they will position themselves at the correct angle to spike the ball over the net and hit. 

Examples Of How Quick Set Is Used In Commentary

1. With that perfectly executed quick set, the Ohio State defense didn’t even have a chance to stuff that kill because the play happened so quickly.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Volleyball

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