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What Is The Definition Of A Redshirt?

1. In college sports, a redshirt is a student who is delaying athletic participation for a year. During this period, the student can attend classes, practice with the team and dress for play, but they cannot compete in any games. This is typically used as a coaching strategy to allow a promising freshman athlete extra time to develop his or her skills by extending athletic eligibility.

Players may also choose to use a redshirt if they are having a hard time adjusting to balancing academics and athletics at the college level, therefore using the extra year to get ahead of their studies and develop good study habits.

Examples Of How Redshirt Is Used In Commentary

1. Watkins has been having a hard-time adjusting to the speed of the college game during spring practice, so he’s going to take advantage of using his redshirt this year to help him get more familiar with the plays.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball (college)
2. Basketball (college)
3. Football (college)
4. Most college sports

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