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What Is The Definition Of Repechage In Rowing?

1. Repechage is a race within an event that allows a second chance for qualification into the semifinals or finals races of that event.

The boats racing in the repechage are the boats who didn’t finish high enough (usually within the top two or three) in the first race of the event to automatically qualify into the semifinals or finals race. The repechage is their second and last chance to qualify.

What Determines The Number of Boats That Must Enter A Repechage?

The repechage consists of the boats that did not automatically qualify for the semifinals or finals from the first race. Typically, the automatic qualifiers are the top two or three finishers, but the exact number depends on a number of factors, including:

Do All Rowing Events Use Repechage?

Only some rowing events use a repechage format. Other races generally use a single elimination format, so if you do not qualify into a semifinal or final from your first race, your boat is out of the event. The Olympics are most known for using the repechage format.

Example Of How Repechage Is Used In Commentary

1. At the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Indian rowers Arjun Lal Jat and Arvind Singh qualified for the men’s lightweight double sculls semifinal by finishing third in the repechage.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rowing
2. Taekwondo
3. Judo
4. Wrestling

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